Welcome to The Review of Metaphysics, a philosophical quarterly founded by Paul Weiss and published by the Philosophy Education Society, Inc.

The Review of Metaphysics is devoted to the promotion of technically competent, definitive contributions to philosophical knowledge. Not associated with any school or group, not the organ of any association or institution, it is interested in persistent, resolute inquiries into root questions, regardless of the writer’s affiliations.

Published for over seventy years, The Review of Metaphysics has established itself as an unrivaled resource for the profession both in the major research libraries of the world and in the private libraries of professors, scholars, and students of philosophy. Among the top English-language journals in circulation, and boasting one of the largest foreign circulations, the Review offers its reader an overview of contemporary philosophy and the opportunity to assess its developing currents.

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New submission policy: The Review welcomes submissions by email. Send manuscripts prepared for blind review and related correspondence to the Editor at  mail@reviewofmetaphysics.org.

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