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For over seventy-five years The Review of Metaphysics has attracted a readership that reflects its contributors in being diverse, scholarly, and international.

Articles appearing in the Review are indexed in the Social Sciences and Humanities Index, the Philosopher’s Index, the International Philosophical Bibliography (formerly Repertoire Bibliographique de la Philosophie), and the Book Review Index.

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The Review abstracts the articles often other leading philosophical journals, making it an excellent guide to contemporary philosophy in the English language. Professors and students of philosophy can keep abreast of current research in the field of philosophy as a whole, while being apprised of the newest writing in their particular fields of interest.


The Review‘s Announcements section covers a range of current events, providing information on new appointments, awards and prizes, new publications and societies, calls for papers, essay competitions, fellowship programs, association meetings, congresses, seminars, lectures, conferences, symposia, and other news.

Annual Notices

The September issue of the Review provides special information not readily available elsewhere. Notices of Visiting Professors from Abroad and of North American Professors Abroad provide a list of potential speakers for campuses and conventions. Notices of Doctoral Dissertations that were completed that year in the United States and Canada indicate the tenor and trends of philosophy departments throughout North America. Together with listings of Retiring Professors and Graduate Enrollment Statistics, these notices provide an invaluable guide for searching or recruiting for teaching positions. More generally, these listings allow readers of the Review to keep up with the trends of the philosophical community.

Dissertation Essay Contest

The publisher of the Review, the Philosophy Education Society, Inc., sponsors an annual Dissertation Essay Contest. The competition is open to all individuals who have been awarded the Ph.D. degree in philosophy in the United States or Canada during the year of the contest. Entries must be either a chapter from a dissertation that is publishable as an independent essay or an essay based directly upon a dissertation. Essays may be on any topic dealt with in the dissertation. Essays will be judged anonymously. The author of the prize-winning essay will receive $500. It is expected that the winning essay will be published in the Review