Volume Year and Deadlines

The Review‘s volume year begins in September with no. 1. Subsequent issues are published in December (no. 2), March, (no. 3), and June (no. 4).

The deadline for inclusion in the mailing list is the 15th of the month before an issue is published (e.g., August 15th for the September issue). This policy applies to both new and renewal orders. All payments received are applied forward. Those wishing their subscriptions to start with an earlier issue must make this request and will be billed for the back issue in addition to the normal subscription price.

Subscription Levels and Prices

To purchase your subscription or renewal online through PayPal (PayPal accepts all major credit cards), please select your subscription level from the menu above and continue your subscription purchase on PayPal’s website.  All subscriptions are paid to the “Philosophy Education Society,” which will be reflected on your invoice.  You will be returned to our home page when you are finished.

The Review offers below-cost subscriptions to foreign libraries and scholars unable to pay its standard rates, a service made possible in part by donations and by subscriptions of sustaining institutions.

The Review also offers discounts for multi-year subscriptions.   Please select your subscription level, and the discount us already factored into each multi-year subscription’s price.

Postage Rates

Subscriptions to International Addresses require $28 extra in postage annually.

Single/Back Issues

Single/back issue: $35 each.

For single/back issues mailed to U.S. destinations, the extra postage is $5 per issue.

For single/back issues mailed to non-U.S. destinations, the extra postage cost is $11 per issue.

Non-U.S. purchasers of multiple single/back issues may receive a discount on postage, and should contact us at: mail@reviewofmetaphysics.org for shipping information.

Agency Discounts

For agency discounts, please contact us at mail@reviewofmetaphysics.org.